God Takes Care of His Own – Mar 12, 2013

God takes care of His Own – Mar. 12, 2013


The soul becomes capable of allowing Jesus to take control of his life, while at the same time taking control of the mysteries of the life of Jesus, so as to offer them freely to the Father for the conversion of sinners and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the world.

St. Eudes wrote:  “I ask you to consider that our Lord Jesus Christ is your true head and that you are one of His members.  You are His body, His Blood, His soul and all his faculties.”  

In keeping with these principles, new insights are opened in our heart that as we belong to Him as members, so He longs for you to use all that is in you as if it were his own, for the service and glory of the Father.  This lies at the core of our being, and at the core of our being, even in our darkness, we find that we strive to reach forward to exchange with Christ, His purity for our darkness, that His purity might  become the light of the world.  He needs our darkness even as we need His light to bring about the coming of the Kingdom.  

In understanding these truths He reawakened the absolute fact that in keeping with the necessity for the growth of the Church, in the holiness in the Mystical Body of Christ, He desires to bring the perfection not only in us individually, but in the whole Church.  Here Christ desires to raise up the Triumph of  the Immaculate Heart and usher in an era of peace.

Jesus desires an era of peace for all to experience, that grace will be poured out on all that choose Christ, not the darkness of this world.  We are to be living hosts,  souls that radiate the very light of who Christ not hidden under a bushel basket, but living fruit, the fruit of the Father that heals and changes hearts.  We are to become Christ in reality, Christ that is a living host, a host that can not, will not, be defeated.  

Christ will return to earth in His resurrected body after his sufferings and death so  his Mystical Body, the Church,  will be resurrected after her apparent defeat, to establish the public, earthly body after His sufferings and death.  It rests in our hearts, in our hands, that His Mystical Body, the Church, will be resurrected after any apparent defeat of His Church.

Every movement  of His soul has been inspired and carried out and under the movement of the Holy Spirit.  It is He who  animates His faculties, His senses, His Will, holding them in His possession for the glory of the Father, to whom Christ returns everything. The Holy Spirit loves my humanity with an incomparable predilection.  He has a tenderness and a splendor that the Holy Spirit adorns His soul, His faculties, His feelings, His body and His Heart.  All the riches and the treasures which adorn His Heart, He owes to the Holy Spirit, yet it is not owing, it is Love, the Love which is the Word spoken, the Incarnate Word of the Son, radiating in the Trinity.

We as creature should have such love. 

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